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include how to keep a constantly clean home, how to care for yourself during pregnancy and postpartum, where to get baby freebies, how to manage with newborns and toddlers, and the best toys to keep your little ones entertain the longest.  I hope you enjoy!

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Thanks for writing this! It’s super helpful! I’m going to Munich and have a few days to spare and I’m dying to get out of cities. I am most interested in the first and second places you mentioned. How long would you recommend in each place? And where would you recommend staying? I appreciate the info!
"I wish I would have had a go-to list like this when I was a first time mom. After four boys, we have almost all of what’s on your list…all great suggestions!"
Thanks for this list. I am a first-time mum to a 10 month old who will turn 1 just before xmas and never have had to do the Santa thing before… I know he is only 1 and won’t remember this Christmas so I don’t want to go overboard however I’m excited about it also!

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