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To start this blog off on the right foot, here are 17 random facts about me and my life that probably won’t wind up being written in one of my blogs or on my “About” page.

1. My first car was a white, 2-seater Honda Civic CRX with a red racing stripe.  I got over 200,000 miles on it before it died.  I used it to move all of my belongings three times.  One time moving from San Antonio, Texas to Eugene, Oregon.  Second time from Eugene down to Walnut Creek, California.  And the third time from California down to Bandera, Texas.

2. I never leave my baggage unattended.

3.  When I was a little girl, I wanted to marry the pink panther.  I thought he was so foxy!

4.  I can create greatness in the kitchen, but I lack the patience for perfection.

5.  I almost didn’t board the plane back to Germany on the last day of our 3-week vacation in Australia.  I still regret that I did.  Australia is the most amazing place I’ve ever been to in my entire life!  The people seem so unbelievably satisfied there.  But who wouldn’t be, living in a huge country with beautiful landscapes, perfect climate zones and only twice the population of Bavaria?

6.  I know almost every song on the oldies radio stations by heart.

7.  I can play classical piano.  I can also play enough chords on a guitar to make for a pretty good campfire hootenanny.

Guitar 30th birthday party

8.  I have been at speeds over 160mph on the German Autobahn on the back of Suzuki racing motorcycle and always loved it!  Now that I’m older and have babies, 90mph is the absolute limit of my comfort zone.


9.  Sometimes I miss living in the USA.  Germany really is a crowded bunch of people with OCD.  And after 18 years of living here, I’ve almost become one of ’em!


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10.  My prime goal is to make a full-time income from my own business while working from anywhere in the world within the next 5 years.

11.  I once lived in an apartment in San Antonio that was so shabby, I woke up in the middle of the night because a raccoon and a cat were fighting at the foot of my bed.  (They had gotten in through my bedroom window which was open to the roof.)

12.  I am quite good at drawing portraits and abstracts.

13.  I strongly believe in the fact, that if you spill a cup of coffee all over your desk & keyboard, it won’t happen again for another 7 years.

14.  My favorite travel experience is chillin’ on an old stinky greek ferry – island hopping in the Cyclades.

island hopping

15.  And I love wearing toe nail polish the color of the Libyan sea.

16.  I love holding a beautiful glass of pinot noir…and drinking it very slowly closing my eyes with each sip.

17.   I’d never thought I’d say it, but I love caravanning!  I’ve always been the tent kinda girl, but babies need so much crap and our car is just too small to hold it all.  Our next planned trip is to Croatia in June, but we’re to be doing a few weekend-trips before then!


Well, now you know what a crazy little thing I am.  What about you?  What’s your story?  Got some great tips or advice to share? Got questions?  Drop me a line in the comments below.  Half the reason I started blogging is to make new friends.

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