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Maybe you’re asking yourself what you really need for baby?  Well, let me tell you up front – if you have a really tight baby budget, these are NOT the items you need to buy – go check out my very popular post:  Free Baby Stuff for New and Expecting Moms.  Just stop reading right now and go there,  because once I tell you about these awesome baby products, you’re really going to want them!

However, these ARE awesome baby items for your registry.  With the Amazon Baby Registry, you can get $100 credit towards diapers and wipes if your registry’s total purchase amount (from you and your gift givers) reaches $1000 – and diapers and wipes are things you really DO need.  $1000 sounds like a lot, but I spent 3 times that much (okay, I had twins) but even still, it adds up faster than you think.

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Awesome baby gear

Before my twins were born, I had absolutely no clue as to what I needed for taking care of them.  I did so much research and bought so much awesome baby gear that it’s not even funny.  Amazon was delivering to my doorstep practically every day for the last three months of my pregnancy!  I can proudly say that I used and loved most everything I bought, but these are my absolute favorites that I wouldn’t want to live without as a new mom!

I am recommending them to you because they WILL quickly help a clumsy, forgetful, worried new-mom become a clever, efficient, and happy new-mom.

5 Awesome Baby Products You Don’t Really Need

#1.  Feeding & Diapering Tracker

We learned about the importance of a feeding & diapering tracker while we were still in the hospital.  We were constantly being asked when was the last time our babies ate and how much as well and if they had had a bowel movement.  Everything was so new and moving so fast, we had no concept of time and didn’t know what we had done 5 minutes ago!

This tracker came in handy for the first three months – with it, we could be certain that:

  • our babies were getting the nutrition they needed
  • they were having regular bowel movements
  • they were gaining weight

The most difficult part was remembering if we had already logged or not!

If this baby tracker notebook had been available to me in Germany I would have bought it in a heartbeat!  It’s not only perfect for keeping track, it also makes for a lovely keepsake.

5 Awesome Baby Products You Don't Really Need

I made my own feeding and diapering tracker and it worked like a charm!  I made one for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and a mix of both.  If you’d like a copy, just click this button and have it sent right to your inbox:

If you’re an electronics freak like my fella & I, then you might want to check out this awesome electronic baby tracker!

Dock a tot

Your baby is going to be sleeping A LOT in the first few months!  Dock a tot is so awesome because it provides a comfortable and transportable place for your baby to sleep in any room in the house.  Yes, you could just use a laundry basket, but a Dock a tot is so much nicer!

Boppy Pillow – the best nursing pillow ever!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…a Boppy Pillow is something every new mama should have!  And I’m not talking about just for twin mamas either.

It provides a comfortable sitting arrangement for you and your baby during that awkward time of learning to nurse.  Yes, you could hold your baby in your arms or prop her up on a regular pillow for the 20 to 40 minute feeding period, that’s why I’m saying this product is NOT a necessity – but it sure is nice!

I really wanted to nurse and we tried and tried and tried and tried (which is a story in itself!)  It was so odd…I didn’t know how to hold a baby properly, much less know the best way to get her to latch on and finally drink.  The boppy pillow helped me relax a little by supporting my baby at the right height and allowing me to shift her around when necessary.

It was pretty rough finding the best way to feed our babies during the first 6 weeks.  I had experienced massive blood loss during my c-section and was therefore not producing enough milk.  It seemed all I was doing was pumping, nursing and feeding until I was diagnosed with a kidney infection (probably due to the catheter at the hospital) and prescribed antibiotics, at which point our babies were solely bottle fed.

As a twin mama, tandem feeding was of utmost importance to me.  I wanted my babies to eat and sleep at the same time- and it worked!  We have a 3-seater sofa in our nursery.  We would prop each baby -one left, one right- in their cozy boppy, sit in the middle, put a bottle in each mouth and hold their bottles while they were eating.  The only problem with this method was the cuddle factor = 0.

Boppys are not only great for propping and feeding babies, they’re perfect for tummy time, airplane trips or learning to sit up.  My babies are 18 months old now and still love playing with them.

Zip-up Pajamas

Newborns don’t need fancy clothes, they just need to be kept warm and comfortable.  You’ll frequently be changing your baby’s clothes, especially if she spits up a lot.  And if you make the mistake of buying jammies with a million snaps on them, (like I did) – it’s just plain annoying!

Luckily my mom bought us the cutest zip-up footed jammies which totally saved the day.  They were always our first-choice jammies.  The only disadvantage is that you have to unzip the whole jammie if you want to change a diaper.

You don’t need to buy a lot of newborn baby clothes – they grow out of them so fast!  But when you do, make sure the clothes you buy are easy to get on and off.  Zippers instead of snaps, when possible, and NO buttons!  You’re going to be changing a lot of diapers half asleep in the middle of the night.  And you’re going to want those diaper changes to go as quickly as possible – especially if you don’t have this next item:

Wipes Warmer

My fella looked at me like I had lost my mind as I started setting up the wipes warmer.  But once he saw (and HEARD!) how much our babies cried when a cold wipe touched their skin, he quickly went for the warmed ones.  And it worked!

We used this one because it has the antimicrobial pad in it.

5 Awesome Baby Products You Don't Really Need

Bottle Sterilizer

Because our babies were formula-fed, we had lots of bottles to clean.  First, we would wash the bottles with a special dish soap for baby bottles, rinse them, and then put them in our bottle sterilizer.

Having a bottle sterilizer is so helpful because you don’t have to waste time and energy boiling a big pot of water on the stove.

It was worth sacrificing the countertop space for the sterilizer.   All I had to do was put in my rinsed bottles, add a bit of water and push the button.  And the best thing was that it gave me peace of mind.  I didn’t have to worry about my newborns picking up any nasty germs.

awesome baby things

All of these products made our first 3 months a whole lot easier.  And as you can see by clicking on the links, they aren’t really that expensive.  If you have a little bit of pocket money (or a baby registry) make sure these are on your list.  You won’t regret it.

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