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Whether it was a big wheel, Radio Flyer tricycle or balance bike – we all remember our first toddler bike.

As parents we want our kids to have that one cool ride too.  One they’ll have fun with for a long time.

But deciding which one to buy is no easy task.  We’re not talking about a $10 item here!

There are tons of glider bikes for toddlers out there for around $60.  That seems like a reasonable price for something our kids are going to play hard with every day, doesn’t it?

Here’s what I found while researching the best toddler bike for my twin toddlers…

What is a balance bike?

Balance bikes (otherwise known as strider bikes or glider bikes) are smaller versions of regular kid’s bikes – only they don’t have pedals.  They’re often seen as an alternative to a tricycle or other 3-4 wheeled toddler vehicles.  They are believed to make learning to ride a real bicycle much easier because the kids have already learned how to balance on their (hence the word) balance bikes.

balance bike for one year old?

All I can say is that my toddlers were not ready to ride a balance bike at the age of one.

The 5 Criteria for buying a balance bike

There are hundreds of different kinds of balance bikes for toddlers on the market these days, some of them costing well over $100! Since I don’t have that kind of money to spend, and personally find it ridiculous spending that much on a bike for toddlers, my

#1 criteria is the price.

#2safety.  It must be durable and safe to use

#3 – it must be lightweight so that my little one can easily maneuver it around and it won’t hurt as much if it falls on them.

#4 – it must be flexible.  I hope they’ll still be using them until they’re 4 or older.  So between now and then, a lot of growing is going to happen.  I want their bikes to grow with them.

#5 – it’s gotta look fast and cool.  I want my kids to look back at the photos of themselves sitting on their balance bikes and say “mom, that thing was so COOL!”  Because let’s face it…they’re two…they’re probably only going to remember it through photos.

best rated balance bike

So I did all the research and this is what I came up with:

✅  These are the only best-rated balance bikes for 2 to 4-year-olds under $60.

best glider bikes for toddlers

This is the balance bike that most parents seem to be the happiest with and felt it was totally worth the money.  If you can grab that bike for $70 or so, I think it’s a great deal, but I don’t think I’d spend more than $75 on it unless I was getting free shipping.  Check the current price here.

The over­whelming majority of the reviews of this balance bike are very positive and contain a good bit of helpful info if you’re not sure that it’s the right bike for your toddler.  Read all 5­ star reviews here.

On the other hand, there are a few people that are NOT happy with this balance bike at all and only gave it ONE star.
Some of their negative feedback might really help you realize that this is NOT the right bike for your child.  Read all negative ONE-star reviews here.

The biggest problem I’ve read in all the negative reviews is like the old adage says, “you get what you pay for.”

If you’re looking for a high-quality balance bike that will take tons of abuse and last a long time, this is probably not the right bike for your toddler.

One reviewer talked about how this is not a good bike in this review here because the wheel bearing broke within the first couple of weeks.  I’d be very unhappy too if that happened to me – I mean, we’re talking about my child’s safety here!


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Here is a safe alternative

It’s a looks almost just as “cool” and has no safety issues while costing almost the same price.

It has a few negative reviews, but they’re more a matter of taste than anything else.

After weighing all the pros and cons, this is the one I recommend buying.

Which one would you choose for your toddler?

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