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Hey pretty momma – want some FREE BABY STUFF?

We all need a financial break – especially when we’re having a new baby.

The (totally legit) internet marketing company Mother’s Lounge has created a bunch of “loss leaders” to get you shopping on their websites.  A “loss leader” is a product sold at a loss to attract customers, and as a new momma, you can totally take advantage of that!

You don’t have to buy anything else to get them.  All you have to do is pay for shipping.

how can i get free baby stuff?

Here’s how to get free baby stuff:

  1. go to the websites listed below
  2. choose your freebies and put them in the shopping cart
  3.  type in the coupon code at check out
  4. enjoy your new free baby gear!

Most of the things listed here are things you probably have on your baby registry anyway.  Not just silly samplers of free baby stuff and coupons or the latest baby body wash or lotions (those DO have their times and places, just not now on your newborn’s body!)

What’s the coupon code?



free stuff for new moms

I missed this one when I was a new mom, but a friend of mine recently grabbed her free car seat canopy and I was quite surprised by the high-end fabric they use.  They normally retail for $50 – and for good reason!

Grab your free car seat canopy here!

Free Baby Stuff for New and Expecting Moms

Baby Shoes – 2 Free Pairs @ www.littlewanderers.com ($50)

2 FREE Custom Onesies @ www.customsnappies.com  ($50)

Nursing Pillow @ www.nursingpillow.com ($30)

Nursing Cover @ www.uddercovers.com ($35 )

Baby Sling @ www.sevenbaby.com ($40)

Baby Leggings – 5 Free Pairs @ www.babyleggings.com ($50)

Washable Breast Pads – 10 Free Pairs @ www.breastpads.com ($60)

3 Free Ruffle Buns @ www.rufflebuns.com ($45)

5 Free Baby Board Books @ www.babsybooks.com ($35)

Free faux fur hat or $35 off entire shopping bag @ www.eskimokids.com ($35)

Hooded Towel @ www.hoodedtowels.com ($30)

3 Free Custom Pacifiers @ www.custompacifiers.com ($27)

5 Free Board Books @ www.babsybooks.com ($40)

5 FREE Nursing Bracelets @ www.milkbands.com ($34.95)

FREE Baby Gear from Little Fans @ www.littlefans.com ($35)

free baby stuff for expecting mothers

Pregnancy Pillow – $50 off @ www.pregnancypillow.com ($50)

Free Pregnancy Belly Band @ www.bellybuttonband.com ($39.95)

Don’t forget the code for totally free baby stuff is:


(By the way, you do have an Amazon Baby Registry don't you?)
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Start one now and don't forget to pick up your free welcome box!

Have fun with all your new freebies!

So you see, you can save over $500 on baby stuff just from clicking through to these sites!  Pretty awesome, right?

The coupon code motherslittlehelpers50 is good for all my readers – so make sure to share it with your friends.

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FREE BABY STUFF - Hey pretty momma, want some free baby stuff? We all need a financial break - especially when we're having a new baby. Most of the free baby stuff for new and expecting moms listed here are things you'd probably have on your baby registry or would receive as a baby shower gift. motherslittlehelpers.net #freebabystuff #babygear #freebies