Handmade Santa Stockings

Christmas has always been a magical time for me and being able to spend it with my mom is incredibly important to me.  Why?  Because SHE is Christmas.  I was probably about 13 years old when I finally started to even consider that maybe Santa isn’t real.  Even today, if you seriously ask my mom if Santa really does exist, she will look you straight in the eye and say “yes.”  And you know, she’s right.  Santa really does exist; just like our departed loved ones still exist – he’s in our heart and our memories and in our traditions.  I am so grateful to my mom for establishing all of our family Christmas traditions and keeping them intact throughout the years.  Now I can begin passing them down to my children.  One of these traditions is making handmade Santa stockings.

Handmade Santa Stockings

My mom knitted the ones for our family and I have used that stocking since I can remember.  Now that my parents are coming here to celebrate our twin’s first Christmas, I have made stockings for my family (including ones for Grandma and Grandpa, of course.)

Before I was pregnant, I never had the patience to learn to knit or even crochet.

But last year in October, I was as big as a VW Bug, just brooding my chicks.  Heck, I couldn’t even stand for more than 10 minutes at a time because of back pain, so I wasn’t goin’ anywhere and had nothin’ to do – it was glorious!  I finally had the peace and patience – and that’s when my mom taught me how to crochet.  We just sat there at the dining room table and crocheted for hours and hours.

I did get the “hot thing” a few times in the beginning.  (The “hot thing” is when you get so frustrated that you can’t think straight and your whole body gets really hot on the inside and you kinda feel like you’ll explode any moment.  My mom and I both get it.)  But after lots of trying (and starting over MANY times!) I was eventually able to make consistent motions with the crochet hook so that each crochet was the same size.

Handmade Santa Stockings

I am so proud of myself for learning how to make these.

And I will surely try to hand this knowledge down to my kids (if they’re interested).  This type of handwork has been dying out through the past generations.  I mean, how many people do you know have learned to crochet or even knit?  But almost all of our grandmothers could do it, couldn’t they?  I showed this photo to my friends and they looked at me in awe.  They were shocked that I could do something like that.  I think they have tagged me as a yuppy-wanna-be, super duper power-lady that can’t do anything with her hands except type on a computer.

I am still an absolute novice.

This is the only project I have done so far, and it doesn’t get much easier than this (well, crocheting a scarf would probably be easier! haha!)  But the feeling of completing it, and then having it become one of your child’s Christmas traditions makes for such a warm feeling inside (even if you have to get “hot” first.)

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