In my former life, I was an architect…

but there’s nothing getting me back into that rat race after having my twins.  I had a one-year maternity leave after they were born, and I simply couldn’t leave them in the hands of strangers during my 40-50 hour work weeks.

No, I couldn’t stand the thought of my sweet babies being taken care of by someone else.  They couldn’t walk or talk – how were they going to express what they wanted or needed?  They needed me.  But we also needed a second income, so that’s the push I needed to finally make my dream a reality and start the small business I’ve always wanted – while staying at home with my babies.

I seriously thought I’d never have children of my own until I (thankfully!) had a midlife crisis and suddenly wanted to be a mother.  I had absolutely no experience taking care of babies.  I had never even changed a diaper.  I felt overwhelmed by the fact that I would soon be responsible for two fragile little beings.

Since I was on bedrest for most of my pregnancy and was very worried about not knowing what to do when my babies got here, I eased my mind by collecting as much information as I possibly could.  The most helpful information always came from a mommy blogger talking about her own experiences.

I can’t express how thankful I am to all of those mommy bloggers for helping me get through all the worries so that I could relax and enjoy my pregnancy and my babies once they were born.  I chose to blog about my own motherhood experiences to pay it forward.  I am putting all the useful information I’ve collected in one spot;  creating a platform for moms like me to access when they’re looking for solutions to their problems – making for an easier and happier motherhood!

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