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Pregnancy Essentials That Make You Feel as Good as You Look!

PREGNANCY ESSENTIALS TO HELP YOU FEEL BETTER – Are you suffering from pregnancy symptoms?  Are you feeling a pure & utter exhaustion like you’ve never felt before?  You probably aren’t too keen on food or drink either, huh?

Or have you already stepped up to the more advanced “wonders” of pregnancy like swollen feet & ankles?  Can’t sleep because you’re worrying about EVERYTHING and wishing that damn carpal tunnel would finally disappear?

Everyone is telling you how beautiful you look with your pregnancy “glow” – but you just ain’t feelin’ it?

You’re in luck because there are some things you can do to make yourself feel better! 

Here’s my list of what turned my overweight, hypothyroid, 40-year-old twin pregnancy into the best time of my life.  Though every pregnancy is different, I’m sure there’s something in here that will help you too!

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Morning Sickness & Fatigue

These are the first big signs that something out of the ordinary is happening to your body.  It can be extremely debilitating.  You feel so run down that you need the entire weekend to recover from a normal work week.

If you’re like me, your morning sickness doesn’t just pertain to the mornings.  I felt queasy around the clock.  I was living on saltines and apple juice for weeks.  I felt so guilty starting my pregnancy on such an unhealthy diet, but it was all I could do to keep it down.

1. Nausea Remedies for Pregnancy

These three items (temporarily) alleviated the pregnancy symptoms so that I could eat real food while giving me the energy to prepare it:

I used these 3 products on a daily basis to help me go to work and be able to eat real food.

A cup of tea first thing in the morning enabled me to get ready and go to work every day without having to spend half an hour puking my guts out before I got in the car.

I would suck on some drops around 11 am, which again alleviated nausea so that I could eat a real lunch.

I would do the same thing mid-afternoon with the tablets.  I couldn’t believe the effectiveness of ginger in alleviating nausea!  After having one of those candies, I was able to eat a healthy snack like veggies + dip, nuts, or salami & cheese.  All the while drinking at least 3 liters of water throughout the day – YAY!

Alternatively, ginger tea (raw ginger + hot water) works well too – without the sugar!

If you don’t like ginger:

When I wasn’t in the mood for ginger, I’d make a drink called a “hot lemon.”  Add 2 tsp. of lemon juice to some hot water, then mix in honey and cinnamon.  

2. The Best Prenatal Supplement (that also eased morning sickness!)

The one thing I wouldn’t go without is my AMAZING prenatal supplement: Pure Essence Labs One ‘n’ Only Prenatal Multiple.  There are so many supplements out there, but what makes this one special is it has a high concentration of phytonutrients and (as the name One ‘n’ Only suggests) you only have to take one a day.

Now, I can’t scientifically prove to you that the reason why I was able to have perfectly healthy twin babies even though I have a thyroid condition, was overweight and over 40 was that I took this supplement.  I also can’t prove that it was the reason I was so ecstatically happy throughout my entire pregnancy – even though I was on bedrest, had gestational diabetes and was as big as a house!  But I give most of the credit to pure essence one n only.  

It provided my babies with all the nutrients they needed to grow strong and juicy while helping me with fatigue and nausea.   I only had to choke down one pill a day as opposed to some supplements where you have to drink a concoction and take pills 2 or 3 times per day.

3.  What to do about Maternity Clothes

Despite everyone telling you how radiantly beautiful you are, you probably aren’t feelin’ it.  You’re getting bigger by the day and pretty soon you’re going to have to start thinking about maternity clothes.

Maybe you’re telling yourself: “It’s a waste of money buying clothes I’ll only wear for a few months!”  Maybe you have the energy and know-how to make some of the DIY maternity clothes you’ve seen on Pinterest?  I didn’t.  And even if I did, I’m not sure I could have pulled it off so that it looked good enough for the office.

But if you’re feeling fat and frumpy all the time, you’re not going to be very happy.  Happiness is key in coping with pregnancy symptoms.  And if a few hundred dollars for a cute maternity wardrobe can make you feel better, then it’s totally worth it!

What maternity clothes do you really need?

Be sure to buy some pretty form-fitting dresses to really show off that bump.  This will probably be the only time in your life where you’re actually proud of your belly.  Dresses are great because you go from slob to pretty lady within minutes.  They’re comfortable too – there’s nothing going on in the waist and crotch areas.  All you need are some good maternity shape wear, a pair of flats, a touch of makeup, and you’re ready to go!

You’ll probably also want to get some tank tops, yoga pants, jeans, and leggings too.  You might already need larger bras and under-the-bump panties.

You can check out my cute & comfy maternity shopping list here.

4.  What to do about Back Pain when Pregnant

This usually doesn’t happen until mid- to late pregnancy, but when it does, it can be really debilitating.

I couldn’t stand (let alone walk!) for more than 10 minutes during my 3rd trimester.  It sucked.  The only thing that helped was a belly band.  It reinforced my back and made things like cooking and cleaning doable again.

5.  What to do About Swollen Legs During Pregnancy

So let’s just say you’re only three months pregnant and the heat of the summer kicks in.  You know what happens?  Your lower extremities swell up like crazy.  Suddenly your pretty legs have turned into tree stumps.  You up a shoe size overnight.  Your skin itches and feels like it will crack open because it’s so tight!

Thigh high compression stockings will be your new best friend.  You may need help putting them on the first few times (right when you get out of bed in the morning!) but they pretty much take care of the problem.  The ones I bought on Amazon fit perfectly, did a great job with the compression, and stayed up all day long without cutting into my thighs.

I know, I know, the last thing you want to be wearing in the summer heat is stockings, but the discomfort for warm stockings is much less than discomfort from swollen legs, ankles and feet!

Even if you normally don’t have problems, be sure to wear them when flying – a total game changer (even if you’re not pregnant!)

6.  What to do About Stretch Marks

We all hope that we’ll be one of the magical mamas with anti-stretch mark genes (do these women really exist?)  But just to be on the safe side, slather that Mother Love Pregnant Belly Salve all over yourself as often as you can!  It has all natural and organic ingredients, smells pleasant to a pregnant lady and doesn’t have a greasy residue. 

I used it every day and did I get stretchmarks anyway?  OF COURSE I DID!

Of course I wasn’t one of the lucky ones (with my twin bump as big as a VW bug and stretch marks started showing up 3 months before due date), but I’m confident that the damage would have been much worse had I not used the salve every day.  I used up 5 or 6 jars during my whole pregnancy. 

I also tried a self-made salve based on coconut oil and vitamin E oil which was amazing in relieving tight skin, but it didn’t absorb fast enough and I was oily for hours.  BTW- coconut oil and vitamin E oil are said to be very effective on their own, so use those if nothing else.

7.  What to do About Sleep Deprivation When Pregnant

Oh yes…getting up to pee 5 to 6 times a night…needing what felt like hours to find the right position to get back to sleep again…lying awake wondering about how it will be with a baby to look after…what else do I need to do before the baby’s here???? 

If you’re a stomach-sleeper, my heart goes out to you.  That is not a good thing when you’re pregnant – I know.  

Why You Need a Pregnancy Pillow

DON’T DO WHAT I DID!  I was stupid and went for the less expensive version and only bought a long-side sleeper pillow because my better half was concerned he might get kicked out of bed by one of those gigantic u-shaped body pillows.  Well, I’m here to tell you…when in doubt, buy the total body pillow!  Just do it!  Those nights are long and uncomfortable and it’s good practice for the hubby to wake up a few times a night too, or maybe he should buy a bigger bed?  This is about YOU

Natural Sleep Aids During Pregnancy

This is where lavender oil comes in handy.  You can’t just pop a melatonin and call it good when you’re pregnant.  Lavender oil (and magnesium oil spray) are your last resorts.  Although I never liked the smell of lavender, it certainly helped me fall asleep fast(er) and kept me calm(er) during the insomniac nights of worrying.  There’s nothing I could do about the numerous trips to the bathroom, but I couldn’t live without my lavender oil.  I still use it years later when I have trouble falling asleep.

you have pregnancy carpal tunnel can t sleep a wink?

If you are having problems with carpal tunnel, this is what you need.  It’s hard to believe that something that simple can really work, but it does.  It won’t cure the problem but will certainly help you cope.

Worrying at Night When Pregnant

All kinds of crazy things spook around in your head at night.  The only thing you can do about it is get informed about your situation and things to come (which you’re doing right now!)

The best blogs for pregnancy issues:

When I was pregnant, these were the blogs I turned to for answering most of my big questions.

The best books:

The Best Baby Registry:

The Amazon Baby Registry is the best!  EVERYONE shops on Amazon, so that will make it so easy for your friends and family to buy you what you really want.

You can even put items from other stores on there.

Start one now and don’t forget to pick up your free welcome box!

8. Outsource anything you can!

As time goes on and your belly gets bigger and the back pain gets worse…mama won’t have the energy to do much of anything.  Growing babies is really hard work.

Shopping and Meal Planning

Have your groceries delivered…I’m serious!  I’m still having them delivered and my twins are 1.5 years old!  See if AmazonFresh is available in your area.

Too tired to meal plan AND shop?  Try home chef.  They will provide you with everything you need to prepare quick, easy and healthy dinners for you and your family.  

Cleaning Services

Don’t have the motivation or the energy to clean your house?  Hire a cleaning service (this is also great for the first 3 months after having your baby, by the way.) Try Amazon Home Services

9.  Just say “NO!”  

Don’t feel like visiting your in-laws next weekend?  

You don’t want to help that one friend who always seems so needy?  

The nice thing about being pregnant is that you always have an “excuse” for not doing something.  

Don’t do things you dread – it’s all about keeping a positive mindset and saving your energy for making juicy babies and dealing with these pregnancy symptoms.

10. Try to relax

With the help of these pregnancy essentials, you’re totally gonna rock this pregnancy!  Just remember to relax!  If you’re relaxed, your baby’s relaxed – making for a much happier baby (and mommy!) once she arrives. 

Cheer yourself up by treating your baby to a free pair of baby shoes (promo code: MOTHERSLITTLEHELPERS50). 

If you want more pregnant mama & baby freebies just click here.

Or check out my pregnancy essentials shopping list to see it all at-a-glance.


PREGNANCY ESSENTIALS – check out this article on pregnancy must-haves that will help you with symptoms and discomfort during pregnancy. You’ll find pregnancy remedies and pregnancy products for everything from morning sickness during the first trimester to swollen ankles and carpal tunnel in your third trimester. The best pregnancy body pillow and pregnancy vitamins to keep you energized throughout. #morningsickness #pregnancy #pregnancysymtoms #pregnancyessentials

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