The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2018

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The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is coming around and I was seriously debating if I was even going to promote it or not.

My plate is FULL!  I’m busy launching by ebook, publishing a new blog post every week and am constantly educating myself to improve the quality of my blog, get more page views, grow my email list, and improve my reach in social media.  Sound familiar?

love blogging and feel so fortunate to do what I do, sharing what I’m passionate about, making new friends and even earning an income.

Speaking of friends…after almost a year of blogging, I have a new definition of that word.  Bloggers who have helped me improve my business are also considered my “friends.”  Even though I’ve usually bought things from them, and am technically only their “customer,” there’s a reason why I bought from them – because I like them as a person and they have helped me more than most people I know in real life – and they’ve never disappointed me!

So while I was looking through the list of products of the Genius Blogger’s toolkit and deciding if I was going to take the time to promote them, I looked to see if any of my friends were on the list.  That would be the deciding factor for me if I were going to spend 3 days creating this blog post and the promotion to go with it.  So here I am, skimming down the list….and SHABANG! my #1 friend’s name came up – SUZI WHITFORD from Start a Mom Blog!

1.  Blog by Number eCourse by Suzi Whitford

If it weren’t for Suzi I would probably wouldn’t be blogging today.  I was having such a hard time with the technical side of setting up a blog that I felt I was just treading water.  I mean…I couldn’t even figure out how to use WordPress!  But then I came across Suzi Whitford’s course Blog by Number: Every Busy Mom’s Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog on Pinterest (pinned by another one of my other favorite bloggers) and enrolled.  The investment was realistic ($47) so I gave it a shot.  And I’m SO GLAD I DID!

Suzi explains step-by-step (just like a paint-by-number) not only how to set up all the technical stuff on your blog, but also gives you tips on what and how to write, how to join affiliate programs, how to create beautiful pins in Pinterest, the ins-and-outs of promoting on Social Media and even how to monetize your blog and start earning money NOW!

As a mommy to 2 little girls and a baby boy on the way, she KNOWS how little time moms have, and provides you with time management tips that help keep you focused!  So if you can’t tell…I LOVE SUZI WHITFORD AND HER BLOG BY NUMBER ECOURSE!!!  If you’re just starting out or even only considering starting a blog – this is THE place to go.  She will have you up and running in no time!

2.  Pinteresting Strategies eBook by Carly Campbell

Once I saw Suzi’s name and got all excited, I HAD to keep going down the list of products included in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit bundle and then the next friend’s name came up – Carly Campbell from Mommy on Purpose and her amazing ebook “Pinteresting Strategies.”  YAY!

If you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, you’re always hearing me talk about her because I can’t praise her product enough.  In her eBook, Carly spills the secret sauce to “win” at the game of Pinterest – and without the use of a scheduler like Tailwind!  Pinterest is the main traffic source for many bloggers and is therefore extremely important to understand.  I was shocked at how much I was doing wrong without even knowing it!  Three months after reading her book and implementing her strategy, I’m now getting double the amount of traffic as I did before.  I’ve already replaced the $37 I paid for her ebook in affiliate income.

The cool thing is, that Carly hardly promotes her own product at all, because other bloggers do it for her and there’s a reason for that!   I, of course, am also an affiliate for “Pinteresting Strategies” and a subscriber to her newsletters.  I can’t wait to see her name in my inbox every week because her emails are always loaded with awesome tips, advice, and product recommendations.

3.  Blog Traffic Bootcamp by Lena Gott

Which leads me to the next big name on the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit product list – Lena Gott from What Mommy Does!  Upon Carly’s recommendation, I bought and just finished Lena’s ebook “Traffic Transformation.”  Thanks to her book, I now have a 20 point list of things I am implementing on my blog to get more traffic and ultimately make more money.  We’re talkin’ mega secret-sauce here!  And though I bought the “Traffic Transformation Guide” on sale, I can tell you, it’s well worth the regular price of $79.  The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit includes her “Blog Traffic Bootcamp” (which I also bought recently for $37.)

4.  ACTIVATE: EBA Live Conference Video Package by Ruth Soukup/Elite Blog Academy

Because…let me be honest with you – I don’t spend 30 to 40 hours a week working on my blog just for fun.  I mean…it IS fun and I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I’m doing!  But I’m also doing it professionally to make at least a part-time income while staying at home with my twins.  Which is why I invested in The Elite Blog Academy.

Signing up for the Elite Blog Academy was the best thing I ever did for my blogging business.  While the course is also meant for “ambitious beginners,” I was happy I had taken Suzi’s Blog By Number Course beforehand because EBA builds upon that foundation.

So when I read that EBA’s founder, Ruth Soukup is including a video package of EBA’s Live Conference ACTIVATE in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit – my heart skipped a beat.  I so wanted to attend that conference, but just couldn’t make the investment this year.  Having these videos is the next best thing and normally cost $297.

To recap…I’ve talked about:

TOTAL:  $418 just for just these 4 products!

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit has it all – plus a lot more!

How much does the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit cost?  (89 products, $5802.51 value)  for  $97!

What’s included in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit?  The awesome products I mentioned above  PLUS 27 eBooks, 41 videos & eCourses, 16 printables, workbooks & templates, 1 membership site.  AND 10 digital bonuses worth $1,124.

As you can see, buying these 4 resources separately is WAY much more expensive than buying the entire Toolkit.  And I recommend them to you from the bottom of my heart.  So go and buy the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit NOW!

But maybe you’re asking yourself “there are so many other awesome products in the Toolkit as well, isn’t it too much stuff?   Am I actually going to use all these resources?”    Well no, you probably won’t.  But even so, Ultimate Bundles provides you with a super helpful step-by-step workbook to help you work through all of the products in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit.  It will help you stay on track and use more products than you thought possible.

Recommended Blogging Resources

Even if you don’t want to buy the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit bundle this time around, please do yourself a favor and do these two things:

  1. Enroll in “Blog by Number” if you’re in the starting phase of blogging.
  2. Read and implement “Pinteresting Strategies” if you’past the first stages of blogging and have at least 25 pins to share.

These resources have been incredibly useful to me, and they will be for you too.

Alternatively, you can buy the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit here.

These recommended blogging resources & tools aren’t just for beginners learning how to start a blog but also for experts working from home & blog for money.