WAYS TO ORGANIZE FOOD CABINETS - Want to get rid of the chaos in your kitchen cupboards? Check out these food storage ideas to help you find the best way to organize your food cabinets, drawers, and pantry. Motherslittlehelpers.net #foodstorage #organization #kitchenorganization

7 Quick Ways to Organize Food Cabinets

Are you tired of knocking over cans of food to get to the jars behind them?  Check out these 7 quick ways to organize your food cabinets for an easier, stress-free storage solution.

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1.  Throw out expired food items

You have many benefits from storing food in your pantry.  It’s convenient, comes in really useful in emergencies, and it has an extra-long shelf life. However, as it is known to last a very long time, it’s easy to just forget about it.

You may just be surprised by the amount of food you have lurking in the back of the cabinet, which has actually expired. So, be sure to start by sorting through the pantry and throw away any expired food items.

2.  Arrange food items by date

Are you guilty of shoving old cans and jars to the back of the cabinet every time you buy something new? It’s easy to do, but it often means you’ll end up throwing a lot of the food away.  It will expire before you ever get around to using it because you can’t find it.

It’s an excellent idea to organize your food cabinet so that the items with the shortest shelf life are placed at the front.  Also, if you work by the last in, last out guideline, you’ll never have to worry about the food expiring, and you won’t need to spend hours checking through all the dates.

This can rack really helps with that.  I use it for organizing things I always stock up on every time I see a good deal (like tomatoes, beans, and tuna.)ways to organize food cabinets

3.  Magazine holders for vegetable storage

Do you have a lump of potatoes or onions sitting in the dark depths of your cabinets just rotting away?  They take up so much room and all spread out all over the place.

I stumbled across this compact and easy-to-use storage solution for potatoes and onions using magazine holders at mimiscraftyworld.com.

ways to organize food cabinets

4.  Store dried foods in containers

Another thing you’ll want to transfer into containers is dried foods. Food storage containers are available in a wide range of sizes and designs.  They can really make food cabinets appear so much more organized.

So, instead of having opened packets of spaghetti, cookies, and cereals, be sure to place them into plastic food storage containers.  Not only will you have easy access to them, you can also prevent some items from getting stale too quickly (like nuts and seeds.)

ways to organize food cabinets

5.  Other ways to organize food cabinets

If you store your cans in a drawer, it’s difficult to see what each one is. All you can see are the silver tops, which means you’re left lifting each and every can to try and find what you need. Labeling the tops of the cans can save you a lot of time and hassle.

You can do this either via a black marker pen, writing what each can is so you can clearly see it when you open the drawer. Or, you can stick labels on top. Give it a try – you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it can make.

To make your cabinets or pantry look even more organized, you can also use my free self-made labels.  You can download them here (no email required) and print them out on printable clear sticker paper.

Ways to organize food cabinets

ways to organize food cabinetsUse them for the tops of cans & jars, storage containers, storage bins, and anything else you can think of!

6.  Separate cans into open containers

A unique storage idea is to place groups of cans in containers. You can pick up plastic storage containers pretty cheap at the dollar store.  You can place a label on the front to show what types of cans are being stored there.

So, you could have a plastic storage container for peas, one for tomatoes and another for soups.

I just love the look of the ones I got – and they can also be used in the fridge!

7.  Store baking items in clear organizing bins

If you’re like me, you have lots of smaller items for baking.  It always looks cluttered and you always have to search a while to find what you need.  Vanilla, baking soda, baking powder, cupcake liners, birthday candles, and food coloring containers fit perfectly in these clear partitioned bins.

ways to organize food cabinets

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WAYS TO ORGANIZE FOOD CABINETS - Check out these food storage ideas to help you find the best way to organize your food cabinets, drawers, and pantry. Motherslittlehelpers.net #foodstorage #organization #kitchenorganization

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